Nil-Cor Zirconia Ceramic Lined Ball Valves

Size Range : 1" - 6"
Body : Graphite reinforced vinyl ester
Ball : Zirconia Ceramic
Seat Inserts : Zirconia Ceramic

Nil-Cor has combined two advanced materials technologies: graphite fiber reinforced vinylester resin and tough new zirconia ceramic to produce the best performing and lowest cost valve for corrosive/erosive fluids.
Available in sizes 1" through 6". Manual, automated on/off or precision factory assembled modulating control valves are available.
Nil-Cor is the smart choice for your toughest erosive applications.

Typical Applications
Ferric chloride crystal Lime mud Pulverized coal & carbon
Fly ash Limestone/FGD Titanium dioxide
Green or white liquor Magnesium hydroxide Trona
Sludge Metal oxide sludge Salt
Gypsum Potash Silica
Kaolin Pulp Sulfite crystals