The CV3000 Alphaplus top-guided single-seated control valve, available in flange sizes from 1/2 to 4 inches,is distinguished by its compact design, excellent flow control characteristics, and minimal pressure loss. These qualities, plus its high rangeability and large Cv values, make it an ideal choice for process control applications in which high reliability is essential.
The CV3000 Alphaplus top- and bottom-guided double-seated control valve, available in flange sizes from 6 to 12 inches, is designed for high-pressure process lines where there can be no compromise on dynamic stability or reliability. A pressure-balanced type plug structure optimizes flow, improving control performance for a wide range of conditions. And shutoff performance is on a par with that of single-seat designs.
Featuring an open yoke-type winged plug for high stability, Yamatake's FloWing is designed for applications that demand a large flow capacity and wide rangeability. With its straight-through valve body, it is especially suited for slurny, molasses and other viscous liquids likely to cause clogging. Moreover, besides being lighter and more compact than globe valves of corresponding sizes, it offers greater flexibility in mounting.